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Deprived of Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights the Druk National Congress was formed on 16th June in 1994. A number of constructive activities were carried out in Bhutan and Bhutanese people living inside the country have appreciated the DNC for the changes brought about because of its incessant campaigns both on the ground and through diplomatic means. The basic ideological premise of DNC is that only the establishment of constitutional Monarchy in Bhutan can bring about just and humane solution to the crisis of Bhutanese refugees.

In 1996, various political and human rights organizations jointly formed United Front for Democracy (UFD), with Rongthong Kunley Dorji as Chairman. It comprises almost all the educated and intellectual section of the Bhutanese in exile. There was also a small bunch of people who didn't join the UFD, for their own reason. In the capacity of Chairmanship of UFD, Rongthong Kunley Dorji came twice to Delhi to garner the support from Indian people. He was arrested by the Government of India in 1997 at the request of RGOB. He was saved from being sent to Bhutan due to timely judicial intervention and extradition proceeding is still continuing at the Courts.

In 0ctober 1997, the Eastern Bhutanese staged a mass protest rally and demonstration against the Royal Government of Bhutan demanding a fair and democratic system of governance, responsive and accountable to the people. After the demonstrations, the Royal government ruthlessly crushed the activists and sympathizers of democracy, and over 200-300 people were imprisoned and even killed two people. At present 100 or more activists are still languishing in jails in Bhutan. The most prominent among those still languishing in jails are Khenpo Thinley Ozer, Dungpa Tshewang Rinzin, Tempa Rabgyel and friends who are serving different prison terms ranging from five to fifteen years rigorous imprisonment. Even now, the arbitrarily arrest of those people associated with the pro-democratic forces is taking place.

In spite of vast natural wealth resources, the people have to live in abject poverty in the absence of democracy and human rights, as there is no accountability and transparency in present government. The Bhutanese in tune with several other countries feel that establishment of democracy in their country as the panacea for the malaise and exploitation. Druk National Congress is agitating for last many years for the establishment of democracy and human right in the country. The civil and fundamental human rights are either limited or banned in Bhutan. The Bhutanese needs the support for the establishment of democracy from the believer of democracy and human rights throughout the world.



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