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            The people of India and Bhutan share a time-immemorial relationship, with similar geography and cultures, and also an interdependent economy. However, despite having so much in common, the peoples of both countries know very little about each other. Interaction between the two countries has not been at the peoples level, but been largely limited to each others' governments. The need to open a channel for a people to people interaction between the peoples of India and Bhutan gave birth to the Indo-Bhutan Friendship Society(IBFS) on Dec 17, 1999, at the initiative of prominent citizens from India and Bhutan.

Aims & Objectives 

As an independent, non-profit organisation for Indo-Bhutan co-operation, especially at the people's level, the main objective of the IBFS is to promote friendship and harmony between the people of India and Bhutan, in particular to :

  1. Promote values of democracy, equality, justice and freedom, and strive for regional peace;

  2. Create awareness in both countries about common issues, build common opinion and strengthen age-old friendly ties;

  3. Arrange and organise lectures, debates, discussions, seminars, excursions, training, exhibitions, social and cultural programmes, etc. - in India and Bhutan - to create awareness, and for the diffusion of relevant knowledge;

  4. Document, publish and disseminate information on relevant topics;

  5. Co-ordinate and associate with other organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, to realise its objectives.


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