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Blue, the colour of the sky, which envelops the world in oneness of which Bhutan is a part, symbolizes prosperity in diversity. The GOLDEN KHORLO TSIPTONG (Thousand Spoke Chakra) offered by Tshangpa Dongshi (Lord Brahma) to Gautama Buddha after his entitlement to re-establish Dharma and thus bring peace to mankind symbolizes a similar effort to live up to the ideals of AHIMSA, the essence of all religions. The WHITE DRAGON symbolizes a peaceful Bhutan.  Ever since Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel, the unifier and founder of Bhutan gave it the name DRUK GYALKHAB (Dragon Country) and thus called all its inhabitants DRUKPAS (inhabitants of the Dragon Country), the Dragon has come to symbolize Bhutan. Its whiteness symbolizes the peaceful nature of the Dragon.



         To ensure the peace and prosperity of our country and its people, clear and effective policies need to be framed to bring about social reforms and economic development in Bhutan.

         The Druk National Congress believes that for it to play an effective role in the development process of Bhutan, it has to initially help bring about those changes which will ensure that Bhutan cuts a firm path towards the  right direction. After the changes are brought about, it shall seek to participate in the development and at the same time help in monitoring that process.

        Given the realities of the present Bhutanese situation it is imperative that the government chosen by the people initially retains control of certain crucial sectors to safeguard public interest and provide equal opportunity to all.

        The state will need to continue to provide welfare benefits, such as free education up to the tenth grade and free medical facilities. It shall also need to ensure proper control of prices of  essential commodities. It will need to use there and other welfare measures, together with revolutionary social and economic policies to bring about an improvement in living condition.

        Our countrywide government and public infrastructure needs to be restructured and made efficient, human resources developed according to the needs and our entire system geared up to effectively establish a healthy market oriented economy.

        The Druk national Congress is firm in its convection that social democracy will usher Bhutan into a new era of peace and prosperity and is an effective instrument against all forms of exploitation, be it social economic or political, it therefore stands by the ideals of Democratic Socialism


        The present primary objective of the Druk National Congress shall be to establish a parliamentary democracy in Bhutan, to declare Bhutan a multiethnic, multilingual, indivisible, independent and democratic Buddhist constitutional monarchical kingdom and secure and guarantee to all its citizens  fundamental rights, including the rights to equality. freedom and justice, irrespective of their religion, race, sex, caste, creed, tribe or ideological conviction.

        It shall assist in drafting the constitutional of Bhutan with the consensus of the people through their elected representatives and thereafter help promulgate and enforce it with their consent.

        The Druk National Congress shall accept his Majesty king Jigme Singye Wangchuk as the constitutional head of Bhutan, with limited powers granted to him by the constitutional. However as befits the status and dignity of the royal Family, the Druk national Congress shall accept only one queen, and as the legitimate heir to the throne of Bhutan. The entitlement of Royal family status shall be accordingly.

        The Significance of H.H.The Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal  Rimpoche Bhutan's context does not need elaboration and the Bhutanese people are in unison in view that the reincarnation of the founding Father of our Nation must be given their due place in Bhutanese society. They must be honoured as the spiritual Head of our country, above mortal politics and administration, spiritually guiding the Bhutanese people through the increasing complexity of Modern socio-economic development. The present reincarnate of the Ist  Shabdrung Rimpoche resides at Manali in India in exile and the Druk national Congress  is committed to restoring his glorious place as the spiritual head of Bhutan.

        The establishment of constitutional monarchy in Bhutan shall depend on his Majesty the king. His Majesty must realise the cause of the crisis that has overtaken the country and take appropriate remedies required to ensure the peace and prosperity of Bhutan and its people His majesty must offer to hold talks with Bhutanese political organizations representing the people, Bhutanese human rights organizations and associations to establish democracy and install a democratically elected government in Bhutan that can function as the true representatives of the people that they are supposed to be ,without which it would not be possible to grantee and protect its citizens' fundamental rights including the right to equality, freedom and justice.

        These talks must be held in time before the people of Bhutan loose their will to withstand the oppression and decide that a monarchical system of government is of no use to them as it cannot grant and safeguard their fundamental rights. Beyond this period the Druk National Congress shall stand by the will of the people of Bhutan on whether to retain constitutional Monarchy or not.

         If  a situation arises where the people of Bhutan decide that they do not want the present regime to continue in any way, the Druk national Congress shall propose installation of H.H The Shabdrung Rimpoche as nominal head of state, as a symbol of Bhutanese unity with no political powers. A 'Desi' shall be the functionary head of state and a "desi wongma' shall be the functionary deputy head of state.

         Allegiance to the Tsa Wa Sum, meaning the three roots shall continue to serve as a vow of loyalty, unity and brotherhood between all Bhutanese.

         The first Tsa wa or the first root shall be the Country, People and the Government which in essence are the same and designates one factor.

         The Second Tsa wa  or the second root shall be Bhutan's cultures and religions which are the personal strength of its people.

         The third Tsa Wa or third root shall be the law of Bhutan, laws that guarantee its citizens fundamental rights, ensures justice and order and protect the security and sovereignty of the nation


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